Some time ago...

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In a land covered in moss and spider webs, a young girl was born. She was quiet and sensitive, with a heart that beat much too loudly for her tiny frame. 

To drown out all that wild drumming she ran to the woods and the roaring icy rivers.

She talked to animals and fell in love with mountains. She whispered secrets across oceans and they told her some of their own in return.

She wandered ravenous through windy plains and dusky forests, always looking for something to hush her noisy heart, until one chilly evening…

The petite girl happened upon a starlit gathering of the most delightful woodland spirits!


They showed her how to turn leaves into silver and thoughts into glittering jewels.
They traded stories and made baubles until their roots were black and their throats were sore.

But all too soon the horizon began to turn a rosy pink, so the girl bid her new friends goodbye as they floated away, perhaps to sparkle somewhere in another dark grove of trees.

Alone again but now carrying the echoing spirit of the forest, the girl resumed her travels, sweeping across continents and sailing vast seas. She continued this way for some time, all the while her hands gracefully making enchanted trinkets.

But after the passing of many seasons the girl began to grow weary of her feverish wanderings and stopped for a rest in a brilliant sunlit meadow. 

It was mostly silent except for a few songbirds’ echoing hymns. It was then that she noticed her heartbeat had grown quite soft.

It had seemed after all this time her hands had figured out something that her mind could not… 

just how to quiet her rumbling heart.

Welcome noisy hearts and soft ones too!